The area has an extraordinary fishing potential, on its territory there is a piscicultural settlement - Seagull of 25 ha, respectively the Timiş river, which is a recreational and fishing place for local residents and the visitors.

Regarding the fauna and flora, among the protected species of fauna the Prigoria (Meraps apicester)  and the bank swallow (Riparia riparia) might be found in the area, mainly found on the valley and meadow of the Timiş river. Among the protected trees we have to mention the 70 years old Banat black pine (Pinus nigra var Banatica) found at the Catholic Cemetery in Lugoj.


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Fuel prices - 27.11.2021

B95 4,56 RON
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M 4,42 RON
M+ 4,93 RON


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