The touristic potential of Timiş county is reflected in the very favorable conditions offered for practicing a variety of forms of turism: cultural, leisure and recreation, historical, ecumenical, business, transit, sports turism, etc.

Tourism in Timiş county is represented by a diversified, storeyed natural potential, from the bald peaks of the Poiana Rusca Mountains to the Field of Timiş, from the variety of flora and fauna. The scenic mountainous area, the thermal and mineral water springs, recognized worldwide for their healing qualities, the rich hunting and fishing fond and the variety of architectural elements, folk art, folklore, provide touristic offers for everyone's taste.

The richness of historical monuments, places with similar resonance as well as the architectural heritage constitutes a definite and permanent source of touristic attraction.
In this context, full of tradition, history and natural beauty, Lugoj municipality with high touristic potential, promotes the development of a mixed tourism forms, the most highly developed forms being: cultural, leisure and recreational, historical, ecumenical, business and transit tourism as well as cycling tourism.

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