The resort Buzias

The resort is situated in Timis county, Depression Buziaşului, in the south-west of the country, in the Banat Plain, on the lower course of the river Willow Valley, a distance of 25 km from Lugoj and at a distance of 34 km Timişoara.

One of the leading natural therapeutic factors Buzias resort is the variety of mineral waters used for external cures - carbonated water, bicarbonate, chloride, sodium, calcium, magnesium, hypotonic, with mineralization up to 6.6 g / it. Also included are mofette and sedative bioclimate.


Cardiovascular diseases, conditions after myocardial in postconvalescence stage, ischemic heart disease, mitral regurgitation and aortic compensated, hypertension, peripheral arterial atherosclerosis, varicose veins;
Rheumatic diseases degenerative cervical, dorsal and lumbar osteoarthritis, polyarthritis;
Rheumatic abarticulare tendinosis, tendomioze, tendoperiostosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis;
Posttraumatic disorders posttraumatic joint stiffness, states after operations on muscles, bones and joints, states after sprains and fractures;
Central and peripheral neurological disorders and mild paresis late sequelae after hemiparesis after paresis;
Associated respiratory disorders, gynecological, metabolic and nutritional disorders, neurasthenia and diseases.

Treatment Resources

Mineral springs, pits, carbonated water, bicarbonate, chloride, hypotonic, calcium.
Ionization - 800 - 1270 negative air ions / cc air
Mineral waters - carbonated, bicarbonate, chloride, bromoiodurate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, ferruginous, atermale and hypotonic.
The sources of water are placed in the park resort Buzias their mineralization is 5000-6000 mg / liter carbon dioxide is of 2000-2600 mg / L, pH to 6.5. Use both external cure (baths CO 2) and the internal treatment

Free carbon dioxide - pits have the following concentrations: 95-98% carbon dioxide, methane, 0.76%, 0.8% nitrogen, oxygen 0.2-1%.


Hydrotherapy in the tub with hot water
Galvanic baths
Electrotherapy - low frequency currents, currents of medium frequency, high frequency, ultrasound
Aerosol inhalation
Physical therapy, massage therapy
Cura land covered by pergolas "colonnade" and negative ionization cure through walks in the park.
Herbal baths

Address: Str. Home, Buzias, Timis county code 305100
Tel: 0256/322 268, 0256 / 321.186


Tuesday 9 August


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