Geographical frame

Lugoj municipality is located in the South-West of the country, in the Eastern part of Timiş county, being crossed by the river with the same name. It makes part of the West Development Region and of the Euro region Danube-Criş-Mureş-Tisza (DKMT). It is situated at a distance of cca. 60 km from Timişoara municipality, county center, 58 km from Reşiţa, 45 km from Caransebeş and 101 km from Deva, 490 km from Bucharest and 480 km from Budapest. Mathematically it is located in the Northern Hemisphere, approximately at equal to the distance between the North Pole and the Equator, with coordinates: 21’54’’ East longitude and 45’ 41’’ North latitude. The administration territory of the municipality is bordered by the communes: Boldur at West, Darova at Southwest, Victor Vlad Delamarina at South, Gavojdia at Southeast, Criciova and Bârna at East and Coşteiu at North- North- East.


In terms of morphology, the territory of Lugoj municipality belongs to the Highland of Lugoj and to the Hills of Lugoj and developed on both sides of the river Timiş on its interior lower terrace. The main water course is is the Timiş river crossing the town on a distance of about 4 km, dividing it in two.

Flora and fauna

In terms of fauna and flora, among the protected species of fauna found in the area we mention Prigoria (Meraps apicester) and the bank swallow (Riparia riparia), found mainly on the valley and meadow of the Timiş river. Among the protected trees we have to mention the 70 years old Banat black pine (Pinus nigra var Banatica) in the Catholic Cemetery in Lugoj.

The Rădămăneşti fossil place is considered one of the most interesting deposits in the whole Black Sea basin, being  rich in fossil fauna.


Lugoj Municipal Library

The Municipal Library was founded in 1951. Since 1968, the Lugoj Municipal Library works at the current address on Ion Creanga street 1, on the street predestined to a book related cultural institutions.

Located on the ground floor where library readers and users can borrow books, can get information about various subjects and topics of particular interest and having available a book collection of more than 25.000 volumes

In the Lugoj Municipal Library are supported many annual cultural events.

Lugoj Municipal Culture House

The Culture House was established in 1968 following the decision of Timiş County People's Council, it is a public institution with legal personality and is under the authority of the local council. The objectives of the institution are:
● organizing and conducting cultural and artistic activities and permanent education;
● preservation and transmission of moral, artistic and technical values of the local community, national and world heritage;
● organizing or supporting amateur, competition and festival artistic bands, including participation of the bands in inter-county, national and international cultural events;
● organizing or assisting the documentation activity, of temporary exhibitions, preparation of monographies and of civic education and public information works;
● dissemination of artistic and documentary movies;
● organizing of scientific and technical, folk art and fine art theme groups;
● organizing and conducting continuous training courses.

The Municipality Culture House has three amateur artistic groups: theater ("Traian Grozăvescu" Municipal Theatre), folklore ("Lugojana" Folk Group) and the chorus ("Ion Vidu Choir").

Pro Arte Gallery

The Art Gallery opened in March 1979 as a natural consequence of the grounding of UAP Lugoj Literary Group and in 1970 and of the Fine Art Studios in 1972.

This gallery would not be founded if in Lugoj there wouldn’t had been a long cultural tradition. In Lugoj there was always an openness to spiritual life, the city was a handcraft and commercial center, schooled children coming from the surrounding villages often became townspeople leaders.

The relationship between nationalities was of mutual tolerance and respect, each working as possible for the welfare of each town. This way could be developed freely the inclination to singing, theater, literature and fine arts.

Lugoj was a form of Westernized Romanian, civilized, self-conscious, knowing that any value cannot be expressed higher than in relation to art.


Regarding the network of schools, Lugoj currently has 2 national colleges, a technical college, a technological high school, 9 state college schools, a private college schools, 13 kindergartens of which 5 with normal and 6 with extended hours, 2 private kindergartens and 3 nurseries. In addition, in Lugoj functions the Drăgan European University work preparing students in law and economics, a kids club, 2 sport clubs and an educational center for disabled people.

Demographic aspects

According to the latest statistics (01.01.2015), Lugoj has a stable population of 47.969 inhabitants.
There is a continuous decrease of the population since 1990 when Lugoj city had 54.890 inhabitants. The structure by age structures and its evolution in recent years shows a slight aging process of the population. As regards gender structure, there is a higher percentage of the female population (53% versus 47% male population).

From the ecumenical point of view, there is a predominance of the Orthodox population (77.21%), followed by Roman Catholics (9.91%), Reformed (4.02%), Pentecostal (3.07%) and Greek - Catholics (2.17%). Ethnic structure of the population was in the 2002 census: 82.98% Romanian, 9.57% Hungarians, 2.95% Germans, 2.31% Roma and the remaining Ukrainians, Serbs, Slovaks and other nationalities.

Social assistance

Social services are well represented, both those provided by the specialized department of the Municipality within the City Hall and those provided by other institutions and organizations - social canteens, daycare centers for various categories of people with social risk, counseling offices, homes of elderly, and orphanages.

Civil society

In terms of local community, the civil society is represented by the associating non-governmental organization structures. Most active are the associations that are engaged in social assistance activities (charity type) and those of the revolutionaries, friendship associations with twinned cities, an association of craftsmen in Lugoj and sports associations. In addition, in the municipality are also trade unions of civil servants, of teachers and some trade union organizations within private companies.

Health condition

In terms of medical institutions, in Lugoj there is a municipal hospital with 368 beds, whose emergency department was modernized in 2014 with funds from the European Union, a child neuropsychiatry hospital, 24 family doctor practices, 41 dental cabinets, 32 specialized medical practices, two polyclinics, 8 sanitary laboratories and 20 pharmacies.

Public order and safety

The municipality has Municipal Police Department and Local Police Department. We also have Gendarmerie Department and Firefighter Departments. There are no major problems for law offenses and violations in the city.


The economic situation of the city is good, a fact proved by the low unemployment rate - 2%. The factors that positively influenced the local economy are:

  • The advantageous position of the city - West of the country, 120km from the Serbian border and 135 km from the Hungarian border, 55 km from the Timişoara Airport, on two main roads DN 68 and E70, part of a no. 4 Pan European Corridor, the presence of the ring road and especially the direct connection to the A1 highway Nădlac - Arad -Timişoara - Deva - Sibiu -Piteşti - Bucharest;
  • Skilled, disciplined workforce and cheaper than in bigger neighboring municipalities;
  • Reduced costs from the purchase / letting / concession of land;
  • Free public transport;

Therefore a number of foreign companies have set up production facilities here and a new industrial platform was built- Tapiei - in addition to the existing one - Timişorii. The Buziaşului platform also developed and several manufacturing facilities appeared on Făgetului and Oloşagului streets.

Currently in Lugoj the light industries sectors are well represented in Lugoj - textiles, footwear and wood processing, automotive, sanitary objects industry and less heavy industry. The biggest share, as activity domain, hold trade companies - more than 95% of all registered companies

As the structure of the business environment, companies have a large share of turnover under 100,000 RON, followed by those with turnover between 100.000 to 500.000 RON.

Lugoj has good touristic and economic potential is a throughput of many people, people have a good purchasing power, skilled, cheap and available workforce, people are hardworking. The city is small and clean, the environment is stable, there is a good representation of foreign investors, lands are available at relatively low price.

Regarding the zoning of the municipality area in terms of agricultural/ industrial activity, out of a total of 5.587 ha agricultural area in 2013, 2,793 ha were arable land, 112 ha consisted of orchards and tree nurseries, 287 ha were grape and vine nurseries, 2,254 ha were grasslands and 141 ha were hayfields.

Tourism is relatively well represented and there are enough accommodation. The number of arrivals in the year 2013 was 11.128 of which 6526 were in hotels and 4602 in urban area pensions.

The situation of tourist reception structure is the following: 3 hotels, 5 pensions and an inn. Accommodation capacity in the same year is: total 364 beds, of which 160 at hotels 184 at pensions and 20 at inns.


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Fuel prices - 27.11.2021

B95 4,56 RON
LPG 2,30 RON
M 4,42 RON
M+ 4,93 RON


Exchange rate


  • 1 EUR = 4.7607 RON 0.0000 %
  • 1 USD = 4.2653 RON 0.0000 %
  • 1 GBP = 5.4399 RON 0.0000 %