In terms of climate, the area of Lugoj municipality is located in moderate temperate continental climate, characterized by: mild winters, cool summers, with the highest frequency winds from SE and NE. The amount of precipitation reaching the ground surface reaches averages of 670 mm / year, the lowest being during the winter, and the most abundant during the summer. From research conducted by NMA was evidenced in the Western region in recent years an average warming of 0.4 ºC in summer, spring and winter, and during autumn a slight cooling trend is remarked but it is not statistically significant. In terms of precipitation a downward trend in annual rainfall amounts to 4 mm was evidenced.



Tuesday 9 August


max 27°
min 24°


Fuel prices - 09.08.2022

B95 4,56 RON
LPG 2,30 RON
M 4,42 RON
M+ 4,93 RON


Exchange rate


  • 1 EUR = 4.7607 RON 0.0000 %
  • 1 USD = 4.2653 RON 0.0000 %
  • 1 GBP = 5.4399 RON 0.0000 %